It’s back

Well, this is the third time I’ve tried to run this blog. Let’s see how it goes. I’m spectacularly unimpressed so far.

Books and culture jamming

This blog/site/whatever is about books and culture. What a strange combination, you say? Reading is an art form, too.


Well, it will happen, eventually, after I wade through the tonnage of superficial crap trying to pass itself off as music software. Currently, I’m beta testing some new software, very easy to write.


Got myself some Adobe Creative Cloud, and hoping to get back in to doing the cartoons again.

Fun and more fun

In a world where fun is becoming hard to find, I hope this site will do the job of adding a bit of happiness.

Humor is a type of logic. If you can’t see the absurdities, you really do need to reboot your head.

Anything is possible. Just about everything that’s ever been said to be impossible invariably happens. Even this blog/site.

This painting is called The Singer


Have fun, comment, enjoy!