2 screwed generations – Mills and Gen Z have absolutely nothing to respect

Most previous generations had heroes to look up to and admire. Millennials and Gen Z have pole to pole idiots. Media churns out new morons occasionally, but no real people. Heavily scripted “celebrities” roam around looking totally two dimensional, which in some cases is a serious overstatement.

Millennials and Gen Z perspectives

Consider the grim view of these young people and the “world” they have to look at all the time:

  • The compulsory random nutcases in all environments
  • The compulsory (and usually obsolete) gangsters, crims and sleazebags of all kinds
  • “Entertainment” which barely qualifies as a laxative.
  • The compulsory school and workplace psychopaths and sociopaths
  • Lazy corrupt vermin making more money than they’ll ever have
  • Political imbeciles of all stripes and colours
  • Troll rest homes with every click or tap
  • Broken, dysfunctional, hopelessly mismanaged societies
  • Insane greed on  24/7 basis
  • Ridiculous “career paths” which have no idea of future realities
  • Fake people making billions out of fake information
  • A plague of crises out of control about which absolutely nothing is being done
  • A horde of absurd “elites” claiming omniscience when they can barely stagger from one end of a sentence to the other
  • A truly insane scripting of public “debate” in which the sum message is that “history never happened”.

Never mind the morality or other shoddy decorations – What the hell sort of example is this hideous mess giving them?

What’s gone so very wrong?

Postwar generations immediately after WW2 had it lucky in one totally unsung but significant way. The highly traumatised world had definitely had enough of maniacs and bullshit. There had been two horrendous wars in 20 years, killing tens of millions of people and destroying a lot of the inhabited spaces of the world.

The idea after WW2 was to build a world, not destroy it. Real social progress was made, and people had liveable lives. One of the reasons a nuclear war didn’t develop was because nobody on Earth really had any taste for it at all.

This era is almost the exact opposite. Times of peace, ironically, and very unkindly, allow the nutcases a lot of room. The horrible traumas of the past are replaced with a greedy smugness. The weaklings and the white collar criminals thrive on it.

Politicians, no longer obliged to deal with real issues, invent issues for their own ends while doing nothing about serious problems. Governments turn into the sort of irrelevant, incompetent sewers they are now. Add population pressure and a total lack of will or ability to manage anything properly, and you have this world. The disorganisation promotes corruption, and the corruption promotes social dysfunction.

What next, geniuses?

So much for the weather report. The bottom line here is that there is nothing worthy of respect in this world from which the Mills and Gen Z can take a cue. There are very few real heroes, just snivelling little office-things in endless meetings and babbling, petty micromanagers.

The life models being hyped for these two generations are beyond ridiculous. The world will change drastically, and the entire current economic model will disappear. That’s obvious to everyone except the fools marketing the non-existent future.

Are these kids supposed to believe that a horde of regressive rodentlike retards (always keep your “Rs” hand in case you need it) will save them from the inevitable mess? That people with the personality of old dishrags and zero credibility even on that level can handle the future when they obviously can’t handle the present?

Let’s get this straight – The future, in whatever godawful form it comes, won’t be the fault of the Mills and Gen Z. The incumbent generation which could do so much right now and is doing nothing has truly and thoroughly earned their total disrespect.

What are you going to do about it, jerks?

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