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Ads is the book that practically wrote itself. I was literally born in an advertising agency. My parents freelanced. I grew up around advertising people. I wasn’t too impressed, but the fun and wit of advertising is pretty good. As a kid, I did appreciate it, particularly compared to the thudding suburban dullness around school.

The environment was there. All I needed were the characters. In due time, about 30 years later, there they were. They instantly became fun for me to write. The book is pretty long, but it was an absolute hoot to write. If anyone reading the book has 1% of the fun reading it that I had writing it, they’re getting a good deal, even at these prices.

The book is set in Sydney, and is a sort of deliberate poke at many so-called “serious” dramas. The characters are snipers, taking aim at subjects and cultural horrors. The storyline is a sort of comedy romance, with the obligatory Triads and other tourist attractions attached.

The book was pitched to a Bollywood producer. It was pitched in such a way the producer thought it was too complex. I still don’t quite get that. It’s written for TV. The basic plot line is pretty simple. A reasonably attentive person with a crayon could adapt it for any kind of media. There are a minimal number of sets, and a few street scenes of Sydney would do the rest. Most of the humor is verbal, with some sight stuff included.  

If you’d like to read some of it, check out the book here on my Amazon link. You can read quite a bit online.

Ads book by Paul Wallis


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