Born Boho

I’m a professional writer. I write books, web content, and other pretty grim things. My parents were a pro artist and a pro writer. Just goes to show, eh?

Our Story

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. Despite that obvious problem, it happened. I have a lot of fun writing, and I thoroughly enjoy breaking as many rules as possible.

Meet the Team

The team is my work:

The Books

See my books on Amazon Be sure to take a look inside. Available on Kindle and hard copy.

Digital Journal

I’ve been writing for Digital Journal since 2007. See my profile for all the latest stuff

Commercial Content

I work with a few commercial content companies as well as my own writing business:

Web Profits


Simply Solid Writing New York

CV Tips Brussels

CV Tips San Diego

Nursing San Diego

I write web content, e-books, press releases, catalogues, satire, memes. and basically anything requiring text. Well, I’m a writer! Why get ethical now?