Brexit – The dumbest idea in human history

Prior to Brexit, the UK didn’t have any major issues. Apart, that is, from the mean-minded cunning peasant Thatcher-era “austerity” and a few conservative layabouts. The corporate world was full of “great numbers”, however fraudulent. They were as smug as they could be in the single market. Revenue was OK. The UK was right next door to its major export market.  

Brexit is the equivalent of building a 500-metre cliff at great expense, simply so you have something to jump off for no reason at all. It’s entirely self-inflicted. 66 million people are about to have their lives trashed. All of this is based on utter economic drivel.

The political spin is and always was beyond absurd. The Great Cause of “sovereignty”, for example, never even existed. All EU nations are sovereign states. Try telling France and Germany they’re not.

“Foreign workers” do most of the essential work in farming, health, etc. The UK government is currently trying to get the rural workers to come back. UK citizens typically don’t do these jobs, or won’t.

The trade situation is a hopeless mess. All UK goods will be subject to WTO trade rules until there are trade agreements in place. That’s several percent of each and every item made in the UK.

The UK can’t provide enough food for its population. About 60% has to be imported, with customs duties, etc. So food prices will go up across the board, regardless of any other considerations. The EU food subsidies to UK farmers won’t be replaced by the UK government. That means a lot of producers will be in trouble.

Science, which is a big money-spinner for the UK, will also be compromised because the agreements in place for research and studies will cease. Science produces more money than practically anything else, in terms of intellectual property rights.

Job losses are inevitable, and will cause more job losses. Manufacturing, like cars, may well leave the UK entirely and move to Europe. That in turn means major local economic crashes nationwide. The “nation of shopkeepers” will be basically broke on a personal level, as well as a national level.

As a result of all this brilliance, government revenue will go into debt and stay there. The nation simply doesn’t have any options, except to cut spending, which will further trash the UK.

This also means cumulative damage as funding dries up for the basics. Education funding, government contracts, and other major building blocks will cease to exist. The existing economic structure simply cannot survive these massive hits.

The Brexit future you will never be able to afford

Those are just the basics. That’s what’s happening as of January 1, 2021. For the UK, 2020 will be the good old days. Brexit will change everything for the worse, and quickly.

Loss of income will be far worse than the pandemic. Not just income; prices will have to rise to absorb the real financial costs of Brexit. Loss of jobs and permanent closures of businesses will be the norm.  Businesses won’t take the risk of rehiring in such a dangerous, unbelievably vague investment environment.

Personal assets will probably evaporate, much like Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. There’s only so much stuff you can sell before you run out of things to sell, too, so poverty as a career option in the UK is looking good. The gruesome process of selling things you’ve had all your life is no fun, either.

Of course, these are general issues. The facts are likely to be far worse and economy-wide, almost instantly. There’s no way of predicting how those who were already in serious financial circumstances will be affected. The UK’s disgraceful homelessness will inevitably get worse simply because paying for anything at all will be so tough.

The health system, starved of funds, will fail. The US won’t walk in and pick up the pieces. Why enter a market where nobody can afford anything? Nor will anyone in the UK be able to afford US health service prices. Many pharmaceuticals come from the EU. They’ll cost more, and be delayed in transit through customs. Distribution is likely to be as bad, or worse, than food imports to the UK.

Brexit could be worse than both world wars combined

It’s highly unlikely that the Old Etonian vermin could have ever understood any of these things, let alone planned for them. The overall genetic lack of intellect and talent in this clique of cretins has been well-known since World War One. The utter shambles of World War Two pre-American intervention is another testimony to these useless brats.

Brexit could be far worse than the two wars, and last much longer. If job losses and asset damage are the chosen metrics, it will be much worse. The UK car industry alone could be worse than the Somme, affecting 100,000 people. If loss of income and other life supports equate to a death, that’s exactly what it will be. The Blitz didn’t destroy the British economy. Brexit can, and will.

The other difference is that there’s no Dunkirk here. There’s nowhere to run. The UK itself could be the new Fall of Singapore in economic terms. The City of London has thrown itself into the bargain bin in multiple ways. Commercial spaces could become massive liabilities, unsaleable, with no customers and earning no rental income. Residential spaces will have the unenviable choice of lower rents or years of vacancy. It won’t matter, because the economy will have basically died in its tracks. Prices will simply disintegrate.

The end of the UK due to Brexit

The breakup of the UK has been predicted for years. Now, it’s inevitable. The UK will have to break up for any of the components to have a chance of survival.

Emigration will become a national sport. The futureless futile horrors of Brexit might get Nelson’s Column to emigrate, let alone UK citizens. With no options, people will go anywhere else. Millions of people will have no choice but to go elsewhere. They’ll take their skills, and their money, with them. They’ll also transfer any assets out of the black hole of Brexit even if they stay.

The Scots will benefit, greatly, separating from the southern disaster zone. The Welsh might prefer not sharing the joy of national poverty for decades to come. The Irish won’t tolerate choked roads and a ridiculous, expensive hard land border for long, if at all. They have nothing to gain from this utter absurdity. They may even impose fees to help them cope with the traffic alone. The likely damage to roads alone doesn’t bear thinking about.

Brexit, the final comeuppance

The UK has a history of mean-minded, pathetically inadequate little bastards running things, from Roman times to colonial times. That long history of Uriah Heep-like trash is about to receive its comeuppance in the most unambiguous way. No amount of smarmy, snivelling, subhuman sycophancy can save the UK now. The bastards are finally at the sharp end of history, and history is exactly what they will be, almost instantly.

There are times when “muddling through” simply isn’t good enough. This is one of those times. The obvious lack of planning and even basic comprehension in Brexit was the original disaster. The catastrophe will be those same feeble minds trying to manage the results.

Britain, you’re looking death in the face. What are you going to do about it?

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