How dumb is humanity? This dumb.

Humanity must surely be the stupidest incarnation of anything claiming to be intelligent. The dumbness goes on and on and on.

Consider this:

There’s enough technology, capital, and science to eliminate just about all world issues like poverty, hunger, health, squalor, disease, environmental destruction, water supply problems, housing, disability, crime, politics and war.

There’s no real need to “work for a living”. Most jobs are turgid one trick wonders, and most are dead-end jobs anyway, which go nowhere. The HR process has become a very bad joke. Hiring is absurdly complicated and overly expensive. People hate working, particularly for other people, and for abysmal wages. Simple fixes could turn work into a “whenever you want” process to get a bit more capital when you need it.

The ancient messes of big cities and centuries of neglect can be cleaned up. The ancient infrastructure for of toxic chemical residues and decades or centuries of neglect can be fixed.

Nobody, however, is doing a damn thing, because of so-called expense. Expenses can be managed. They are not. Instead, every piece of new infrastructure is like Christmas. Ridiculous costs naturally reduce the amount of new infrastructure.

This stupidity has been the norm for thousands of years. Instead of human progress and betterment, you get wars and social failures. Whole civilisations have come and gone without dealing with any of their own problem.

What’s absolutely fascinating is the apparent total inability of anybody to visualise a better world. In the past, the future was going to be a problem-solving exercise, eliminating all problems. Now, we have a political and corporate culture which simply makes the problems worse, to an obsessive degree.

Even more remarkable is the fact that people now consider the problems to be normal, and that any attempt to change them is somehow wrong. The “traditional” modern lifestyle dates back about 1950. Prior to that, things were very different, not that much “simpler”, but far less neurotic. Problems were solved, mainly because they had to be solved. Lousy roads were fixed properly, to make them safer, not to give an excuse for press releases.

The most farcical thing about anti-progress is the cookie-cutter dumb morality that goes with it. Morality is something you inflict on other people. This type of morality is totally against the welfare of human beings. This ponderous morality assumes the right to interfere in other peoples’ business, and then claims to be persecuted if anyone objects to this totally baseless, invariably destructive interference. Politicians make a career out of pandering to these obsolescent idiots, which is the only reason a very small minority have so much disproportionate clout.

What would a non-dumb, smart world look like?

This ought to be a rhetorical question. At this point in history, it’s a life or death question. Endless mismanagement, total failure to understand situations, exclusion of the public from actual debate, you name it; it’s all there to be seen.

Much as I loathe the subject of politics, this section has to be included.

Consider any public issue which hasn’t been hijacked by the political system. Just about every noun that in every language is now attached to a political piggy bank.

Politics is the art of dividing societies. It has never served any useful purpose whatsoever. No problems have ever been solved by politicians. Most, however, have been created by politicians.

A smart world would simply get rid of all politicians and completely rewrite political powers.

Think about it:

  • Anyone can represent you on any legal subject.
  • Most politicians do not represent their electorates, except in a very nominal form.
  • Constituents have no say in anything.
  • Government is social administration, not a political entity.
  • Politicians don’t actually manage anything. They simply make managing things that much more difficult.
  • Politics is nothing more or less than a racket, usually associated with vested interests, and in many cases, organised crime.
  • This system simply does not work. Trillions of dollars are now being spent on politically connected organisations and entities. Very little money is actually going to people.
  • This is not, and never has been, any form of democracy. Democracy is supposed to oversight politicians. It doesn’t. It is a totally corrupt system, and the only thing to be said for a visit that it’s better than the alternatives.

So – A smart world would have its political system fool proofed against interference with human rights, entitlements, services, revenue, et cetera.

Essential services in a smart world

Human needs aren’t exactly vague or hard to understand:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Public safety
  • Public utilities
  • Education
  • Meaningful life options
  • Individual rights, meaning your right to be yourself, your beliefs, and so on
  • Property rights
  • Legal rights

Consider a world where all these rights are guaranteed and instantly accessible.

A short scenario:

You walk into your local food shop and pick up whatever you need. You don’t pay for what you take; it’s automatically or the third and the merchant is credited with the money by a public accounts facility. You have in fact already paid for your food, through the revenue system.

You take your food home. You’re single, so you live in a smaller type of housing. If you marry, or take on a partner, as a couple you will be entitled to larger premises.

You wander in to see the doctor for some antihistamines for a mild skin condition. You don’t pay for anything, and your doctor and pharmacist are similarly credited for costs. Easy access to health services means that you get sick much less often. You don’t have to run yourself down through constant stress and most of your time being eaten up managing money and simply trying to survive. (How insane is it to actually have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for getting very sick, sometimes for decades, simply due to constant stress, an incredibly unhealthy environment caused by chronic maladministration, etc.?)

You stop to see a short documentary over lunch in the local coffee shop about the ancient days when people paid for public utilities. You have of course already paid for your public utilities through your revenue system and through your work.

Your next stop is to talk to a lawyer about your intellectual property rights. You have a fairly sizeable portfolio of engineering designs, and you simply want to check on your new project. The lawyer, as your legal representative, is covered by your rights, and is also paid by the public accounts.

Your free education is paying off rather well. Free education is based on the idea that people produce far more value if they are educated. The average human being produces a bare minimum of several million dollars’ worth of actual monetary value in a lifetime. That more than pays for all your living costs. You do pay taxes, indirectly, it is actually cheaper for you to be freely housed, educated, and supported, because you will be that much more economically productive. (An Australian Bureau of Statistics survey circa 2017 indicated that people who own their own homes with seven times more economically productive than those who didn’t. Why are we making it impossible for people to be economically productive?)

In terms of “meaningful life options”, it has been discovered that people who simply gravitate to the things they like are much happier. This reduces stress, the global poison of humanity and in some cases eliminates it entirely. (There is no point whatsoever in doing things you hate doing. There is also no possible reason why anybody should be spending their lives doing things they hate doing.)

Your property rights are totally inalienable. You have the right to housing, communications, utilities, and everything else you need.

Your legal rights are fully covered. You can get legal representation whenever you want, for any reason. You have already paid the costs.

Ahem – What’s dumb?

Now tell me – By comparison, would you say this world is dumb? None of these things are impossible. Life would be so much easier. Good management and proper allocation of resources can do it all, almost immediately. So do it.

1 thought on “How dumb is humanity? This dumb.”

  1. Your writing never disappoints, for that, I thank you, sir. Though I actually missed the old days of convenience in Google+ that I can read and comment right from there. I don’t remember how I came across your blog years ago and what was my first read, but to date, “Duhhhh-saster – How devaluing literacy created the Ignorance Industry” still, my favourite. Probably because I myself is an educator, or probably because I believe myself as one of those who were born and raised in that era, produced by that very system. Ouch indeed.

    IF only my English is way better than it is, I’d probably vent out to a great depth on how ridiculous it can get in so-called “educational institution” these days, though you’re aware of them already, at least the current state of education in your context. Anyway, before I annoy you with this verbosity, don’t stop writing, it’s a pleasure reading them.

    warm regards,
    tia h.
    North Borneo

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