Irish surnames and their other meanings

Hickey: Very affectionate Irish vampires who also figured out how to get drinks without paying for them.

O’Dear: Very nice people who swear far less than could possibly be good for them.

O’Maniac: Just about everybody, at some time.

O’Godno: Migration agents, responsible for almost as much Irish emigration as the Famine and the English.

O’Dendron: Obsessive Irish landscapers who took it a bit far and became plants.

O’Muchisit: Legendary masochists with pricing problems.

O’Wake: Liars, but very good at it if you’re not O’Wake enough.

O’Blivious: … And happy, too.

MacAleese: Unique Irish family which rents hamburgers.

Murphy: Law makers.

McCarthy: Only known example of a lisp deliberately put in a surname by people who flukishly keep winning things in pubs.

Rafferty: Famous Irish philosophers of life’s rules. 

Yes, my family is Irish. We’re Hickeys. Just look right up there for an hour or two… Thanks.

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