My Nerd story

Duhh… Hyuck, or whatever the greeting is. The word “nerd” comes from a 1950s movie. It is now used to enforce the law that anyone who knows a damn thing about anything is somehow illegal. I never use the word, and I don’t see any reason for a dumb bit of 1950s slang to dictate anything to anyone.


I was looking for someone to print up a 1000 square chess board. Saw a printer in an alley, sort of a tin shed, but close. So I rang the guy, and after some messaging, he rang me.

“Oh, yeah, sure. Now…tell me… Are you what they call a nerd?”

I assured him I was.

I was more urbane than malaria.

Never heard back from him. This guy working in a tin shed gave up a $400 job on that basis. That’s $100 per letter in the word “nerd”.  God alone knows what sort of print job this clown would have done, too.

Consider this:

At $100 per letter, this way of doing business could be very profitable.

Certainly saved me from doing business with an absolute idiot.

If you can guarantee that nerd-related things will keep morons out of the market, it could be worth even more to the market.

Cultivate thy nerdishness, and prosper!

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