Speculative fiction’, a term of fraud, and pomposity

So often you see actors and others saying, “I wasn’t really into the show”, and similar escapist statements. Publishers making billions off it simper about it all being fairy tales.  “Speculative fiction” is now the name for science fiction. It’s a total fraud and overlooks how much science fiction and science interact.

The correct name is “science fiction”. It’s thinking about science and turning it into a narrative. If you’ve got a problem with that, you’ve got a problem with yourself. While you’re at it, try doing some thinking of your own, if you’ve got the guts.

Meanwhile – Who the hell are these pretentious morons to get so negative about thinking? The jock trash have never contributed a damn thing to humanity. If it was up to them humans would never have left the trees. This anti-intellect thing is systemic, based on the ever-necrotic mainstream media and their grovelling gerbils.

Why would thinking suddenly be a social crime? America is a case in point. A country based almost entirely on ideas, from liberty to electricity, is opposed to ideas? How utterly insane. How totally prehistoric. How fake.

Speculative results

The results of speculation are:

  • Fire
  • The wheel
  • Construction
  • Pottery and manufacturing
  • Civilization
  • Literacy
  • Medicine
  • All technologies
  • All types of research
  • All types of design, from clothes to cars and lifestyles

So – Do you really have a problem with speculative thinking, you morons? No you don’t. You should be thankful that so many people are so much less lazy than you are.

Also add to that –

Those who don’t think also don’t contribute.

Those who don’t speculate can’t plan.

Those who refuse to speculate can’t stay situationally aware of options and wouldn’t explore them anyway.

Don’t be speculative and die

Maybe there are people who are so scared of thinking that they have to be doormats. I don’t care. However, if you can’t at least speculate about what happens next, what possible use can you be, to yourself or anyone else?

The pomposity

The sheer pretension and fakery of useless intellectual nonentities dismissing anything as “speculative” is astonishing. What, you like living in a world which Is basically a mix of a shopping list and animal functions? You belong in a blister pack

How fascinating that ultra-insular world must be. Take it out and bury it somewhere. You cripple yourself with self-inflicted incomprehension, and wonder why people think you’re a useless uncomprehending idiot?

Speculation applies to everything. From what you want to eat to what you want to be. Don’t give me that crap about “fantasy”. Just about everything in this world, every appliance, every material, and every bit of communication was fantasy 60 years ago.

Just use the proper name, “science fiction”, and don’t talk about things you too obviously know nothing about, you spiritual wankers.

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