Think you’re in the wrong world? You probably are

Some major people would agree with you. Two of the best-known people to refer to the world as a non-place were Jesus and Buddha.  Jesus referred to the world as “a carcass” (Gospel of Thomas) and Buddhism refers to the world as an illusion. There are, however, plenty of non-religious reasons for thinking you’re in the wrong world.


  1. A supposedly intelligent species which has the stupidity to claim to be the only intelligent life in the universe. When questioned, the excuse is that no other intelligent forms of life are known. Meaning that ignorance is the basis of the claim, which is baseless by definition.
  2. A world where whole schools of philosophy can’t even find a reason for anyone being alive at all.
  3. A world where science progresses every micro second, yet a 100 year old theory like the Theory of Relativity is assumed to be unchangeable forever, and anything which contradicts it is shouted down.
  4. A society which upholds democratic values and yet does nothing when those values are abused.
  5. A society which passes endless laws against endless crimes- And merely creates more rich criminals, lawyers and a prison industry while never actually putting an end to crime and parasitic criminality.
  6. A society in which it is assumed that the only answers to the future are those of the past, however hopelessly out of date they’ve become.
  7. A political system based on a dichotomy of representation of the rich and the poor, which then absurdly claims the equality of all people.
  8. A society in which religions actively promote wars and are parties to gigantic crimes and atrocities for millennia.
  9. An economy and employment market mentality which actively prevents people from using the talents that create economic prosperity.

In the not particularly distant past, a few generations ago, there was a firm, strong, belief in a “better tomorrow”. Now, there’s a grim unstated certainty of a much more dangerous next week and a pretty lousy next hour or so.

One of the most interesting, if also more predictable developments of the Planet of the Idiots upon which we live is this- Even a belief in the future has been obscured by a lack of definition of any objectives.

American Valhalla

Prosperity and progress were big objectives of the postwar years. They were, to some degree, achieved, for a few decades. These objectives have now been replaced by their dumbed-down equivalent- Get rich if you can. This is a bit like telling people to breathe, yet the truly dumb take it seriously. They’re told to get a college education, get a good job, and success will arrive like a bus to whisk them off to Success Land, a place that even Disney didn’t get around to building.

This is not the case for a truly huge section of the population. Getting a good education and breaking even is no trivial achievement. If you break up the 99/1% equation, about 25% at best have any hope of success of this type. This result is based on statistics, not talent. Not everyone becomes a success, mainly because there are many more pegs than holes.  How many job applicants can get one job? Success is atypical, in this environment.

So as usual in Wrong World a fallacy is the basis of people’s lives. Like the medieval peasants believing anything on the basis of their total lack of any other information (except the occasional Inquisition or simple massacre), modern peasants stagger along from the womb to the grave doing exactly what’s guaranteed to deny them success.

Humor and horror

They, too, believe in the pure normality of Wrong World. They vote for the corrupt and every so often the utterly insane and therefore consider honest people to be losers. They vote for law and order, and consistently admire criminals, even genocidal criminals. They invariably admire the images and scrupulously ignore the facts behind the images.

If you think you’re in the wrong world, you are. Doing anything right is the wrong thing to do in Wrong World. Seeing things as they are is a form of blindness to those who can only see the value of doing things wrong. Anything real is alien, unthinkable in Wrong World. Denial, however absurd, is considered believable.

So- Are you in the wrong world? A lot of people are, and they hate it. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what happens to Wrong World. Couldn’t care less. I’m not going to donate to Save the Morons movements or desperate Feed the Billionaires drives. I’ll just go get some popcorn.

The only way to really avoid Wrong World is to be yourself, regardless of the issues that may raise. Otherwise you get dragged in.

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