What’s needed is a counter-civilization

This civilization no longer functions in any coherent form. Social catastrophes are ignored. Two entire generations of people will be around in 2030 who won’t be able to afford anything. This is called a civilization, mainly because that’s what people are told it is. It couldn’t possibly be any less like a civilization.

This “civilization” embodies the antitheses of civilization. Its mismanagement of resources and people combined with total lack of objectivity are the key factors. There is no vision. Everything is done in the rotting old bassinet of political “thought”, which hasn’t had a new (or productive) idea since the mid-nineteenth century.

Even the idea of receiving services for taxes paid is long gone. The money simply flows on to the corporate and criminal cronies of whatever herd of insects are running the place. There’s no need to go into encyclopedic levels of detail, surely. The degeneration of the US from the ideals of the post-war years to a bullet-riddled, diseased, and polarized mess is a good example of the current situation.

Failure of societies is now the norm. Billions of people are on the economic scrapheap, and will stay there indefinitely, unless a working society is possible. So what you need is the exact opposite of the current scenario:

  • Security for citizens
  • Guaranteed personal means to access the basics like health, housing, hygiene, education, etc.
  • Adequate resources to manage social needs and change
  • Properly managed free services and infrastructure
  • Guaranteed legal rights, backed up by constitutions and governments
  • Social unity, without racial or other demographic abuses
  • Clear, straightforward environmental practices to protect people and the environment
  • Effective deterrents, preferably super-expensive, against corporate crime. Even these absurd, 2-dimensional fools know what “expensive” means, particularly on a personal basis.

“Common sense”, you say? Yep. Would you say that a flock of corrupt, algorithm-addled morons can do that? They can’t, and wouldn’t if they could.

The counter-civilization solution

The solution is easy enough in theory – Use the sacred cow property rights to set up a civilization that is untouchable ideologically or in any other way.

For example:

  • There’s no law against sponsoring billions of people to receive a proper, accredited education. If it works in African war zones, it might work in America.
  • There’s no law against freehold property being made available to anyone for whatever use provided that use is lawful. If you’re the owner, you say what happens.
  • There’s no law against free food, goods, services, communications, etc. This is an old hippie idea, and it worked well in California.
  • Ditch money as a must-have. Use it as a reward on top of the core human needs, and it’ll be much less of a problem for everyone.
  • Don’t “govern” politically. Preferably, abolish politics entirely. Democracies don’t need politics. They need representation of the people, and that’s it. Administrate rather than govern, and make sure people have any sort of representation they need.

In short, create a working society. Everyone can contribute. Everyone has some skill at which they excel. Put people to work doing what they’re good at, and you have a real meritocracy in practice. (Also a type of society which has never existed before. “Meritocracy” is a buzzword, and has never been anything but.)

Any sort of efficient society would easily eclipse this mess. The current mess survives by inertia. It can’t change course or do anything but what it does, so badly.

Simple enough? It is. Doable? It is. Let the old mess just rot away, clean it up, and replace it with something guaranteed to work. The alternative isn’t worth thinking about.

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