Why progressive parties lose elections

You’d think that a horde of liars, criminals, and frauds like most conservatives would be unelectable. Yet, they win, even in countries where they’re despised. The mystery isn’t much of a mystery. The conservatives have their propaganda mechanisms. Progressives have ideological workshops that drone on forever.

The progressive problems

Let’s start with the reasons for this situation:

Communications: Electorates don’t necessarily want sermons, lectures, or other tried and true total failures to communicate. Clear messages work, convoluted messes don’t. Babble isn’t much in demand these days, either.

Deals and benefits: Conservatives bring a few material carrots for the gullible. They’re offering a deal in every election. Progressives tend to deliver Christmas cards, feelgood stuff for those who get it, and incomprehensible to those who don’t.

Vagueness and images: Both sides are inexcusably vague, but there are degrees of vagueness. Conservatives associate their image with the rich, for example. The progressive image is far less photogenic, and that, incidentally, is why it’s the conservatives that get the bulk of visual space. (Quite aside from their pet media networks – There’s no image to really deliver.)

Negativity by default: The progressive side has so many issues to address in daily life and on a global scale they can’t help sounding negative. To an overstressed electorate, that’s poison. They need something positive. After all, why vote for more stress? Because that’s exactly what it sounds like. If you said “more jobs cleaning up the mess”, it’d be a lot better, for example. If you said “fewer respiratory deaths”, you’d connect with the millions of people affected by pollution.

Progressive parties need to do the basics

These are all no-brainers. They’re essential Why aren’t they being done? One of the reasons is conventional political science, which has the magical ability to be 3 generations out of date on any topic. The Democrats for 2020 are the epitome of a totally scrambled image. Too many candidates, too little coverage, diluted by the numbers, vague positions which occasionally get clarified.

America has allowed itself to become a place of sick people dodging insane costs, bullets, and psychopaths. Sanity is now a luxury item. The Democrats aren’t plugging into that effectively. The hyper-stressed electorate is already polarised, and you’re now polarising between candidates?

This is utter idiocy. Get behind a candidate who can deliver. Don’t start wars among yourselves. All the basic policy platforms are based on undisputed necessities.

Focus on that. Focus on that and nothing but that. Then you can start winning. Don’t allow distractions from issues. That’s what PR people are for, managing the incidentals. The main game is the only game.

…And for god’s sake show practical benefits, not these damn ideological fluff outcomes. People need help, not rhetoric.

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