The other types of terrorism – A catalogue

\Terrorism is the oppression of the human mind by stress as much as physically. This type of terrorism is at plague levels. Extreme stress is contagious. The collateral damage is obvious and long-lasting.

Here are a few types of terror by these other means:

  • Fanaticism: Fanaticism is an irrational state of mind. Priorities are acquired externally and distorted to an extreme level. Rational thought is impossible, and this thinking impacts everyone around it.
  • Psychological intrusion: This insidious form of terrorism is common. It’s a distortion of social logic. Anything from what you wear to implied meanings of specific words or statements can be used to disrupt thinking or reinvent the logical wheel.
  • Workplace stress: This type of stress is universally hated but endemic in a dysfunctional society which refuses to acknowledge even its own best interests. Edgy communications, total disregard for individual perspectives, and dogmatic thinking are true people-repellents, fracturing workplace relationships and creating conflicts.
  • Crime: Crime is by definition an injury to someone. Crime is glorified in media to a mindless level. The “smart” bad guy is a hero, while the good guys are the enemy. It is a type of psychological intrusion, but focused on antisocial, anti-human activities. More stress and more damage follow.
  • Personalised aspirational propaganda: This is a well-known, never-solved, issue. It’s telling people to “fetch”. Of course you should be a famous rock star for some reason. The stress levels rise with the degree of inaccessibility. To fail to achieve someone else’s idea of your aspirations must be disastrous, right? The terror, like the ridiculous FOMO syndrome, is well-known.
  • Conformity: Of all the forms of terror, this is the single large-scale entity which undermines personal freedoms and individuality. (They all do, but this is the classic.) These behavioural and logical straitjackets force conformist dogma from what you wear to what you’re “allowed” to say or think. It’s omni-intrusive, affecting every interaction and often extremely stressful.
  • Hypocrisy: This includes sycophancy, insincerity, and all forms of untrustworthiness. It’s a saboteur in any social group. Relationships are damaged or destroyed. Stress caused by hypocrisy can be huge and long-term damaging.
  • Anti-intellectualism: This specifically doesn’t include sincere loathing the ever-present self-proclaimed intellectuals who can take all life and interest out of any subject. It’s being opposed to thinking in general. The result is to obstruct the thinking that solves problems. It’s a direct assault on personal freedoms, too.
  • The culture of bullying: This chronic terrorism is real terrorism and intended to terrify. It starts in infancy and usually shows up throughout everyone’s life. If you check out the various stages of bullying, it’s exactly the same thing. The dumb stupid kid becomes the dumb stupid adult. The mindset of bullying never changes. It’s infantile, whether it’s an obnoxious 7 year old or a dismal underachieving middle manager who doesn’t even know how to be a real person.
  • Social status stress: The Dumb and Dumber of society, snobbery and egalitarianism, are the twin terrorists of any society. Snobbery stresses people by claiming superiority to them. Egalitarianism refuses to allow any status higher than the lowest common denominator. Both are types of bullying, but they don’t even bother with the actual bullying. No human being can truly fit either status and the discomfort is inevitable. Results, social discomfort, abuse, more stress.
  • Religion: Religion is directly responsible for more wars and more oppression than practically anything else. All religions polarize against other religions or non-religions, other people, and other ways of thinking. Religions are in these senses incarnate methods of all forms of terrorism. It will be noted that this is despite all belief systems advocating peace and tolerance. Religion is its own worst enemy, and that’s no excuse.
  • Politics: Politics, by definition, is the process of fragmenting societies into opposing groups. After religion, and sometimes using religion as a weapon, politics is the source of most wars, social dysfunctions, and societal failures. Politics is unique among human activities as the only specific profession never to have achieved anything useful worth mentioning.
  • “Evil”: Evil is the stupid naughty kid, the one who must think themselves clever, the self-serving egomaniac at someone else’s wedding. It’s a primitive, regressive, go-nowhere thing at best. Evil can be easily defined in one sentence – It causes harm. (Good, by comparison, can be anything which enhances or helps anyone or anything and can’t really be defined.)The evil mindset, which is often even unnoticed by those “thinking” of it, is purely destructive. It can be scared off, beaten up, or killed, but it’s a baseline terrorist.
  • Compulsory mediocrity: This is otherwise well-known as dragging everything down to its own level. As a social obstruction and third armpit to human existence, it’s famous. This mindset is an advocate for all the other types of terrorism. It supports them by demanding its right to be mediocre.
  • Peer groups: This sacred cow of mid-20th century psychology is the Great Leveller of anything and anyone stupid or weak enough to accept peer pressure. A real peer group is made up of the people you can’t avoid, not chosen friends. Friends can argue; peer groups compromise themselves into mere herds of associated idiots. Stress caused by peer groups equates to terrorism by its built-in refusal to tolerate individuality. It supports conformity, evil, and mediocrity by default.
  • Money: This institutionalized abuse of human dignity and sanity is now thousands of years old. It’s the reason for an animalistic, forever-scraping-together existence for generations. Why should people living in the 21st century, after 5,000 years of recorded history, be living Stone Age lives, struggling for basics? Money. It’s the greatest stress agent of all, and the terror is very real.
  • Creativity allows the mind to grow
  • Hate: Hate can be real, or artificial. (Love can only be real, and never artificial.) Like money, it’s a currency in many societies. Real hate is generated by real grievances. It’s an emotion. Institutionalized hate, however, is an industry worth billions in merchandising. The hate sector is a promoter of active terrorism, often generational, and a starter charge for all types of conflicts.
  • Incompetence: This all-rounder is a cause of problems which may be gigantic in scope. Stress is by definition caused by problems. Incompetence causes problems by definition. As a form of terrorism, it may not be focused on anything, but it always works as an agent of stress.
  • “We”: There’s always somebody called “we”, according to all terrorists. You may not know who “we” happens to be at any given moment. It’s an all-inclusive stress factor, demanding conformity. As a matter of fact there’s very rarely anyone at all called “we”. Misery may occasionally include others; it always includes individuals. There’s no “we” when you’re in trouble as an individual. There’s usually no “we” when you’re suffering. It’s a word which amplifies stress, including itself in.
  • “They”: This pronoun is always depicted as a stressor, an agent of oppression. In practice, “they” means whoever it is you’re supposed to hate. “They”, however, never means other individuals with their own problems and personal disasters. It’s an anti-understanding word; it attributes all problems to someone else, blame by default. That’s why it works, and why it’s always wrong.
  • Stupidity: If there is a definition of stupidity, it’s the total absence of critical thinking. This is a prerequisite to acceptance of terror, stress, and its related filth on all levels.
  • Elitism: This is the basic mechanism for delusion to support terrorism. Of course you’re a superior being. Of course you’re super-intelligent. Having persuaded any fool they’re a genius, they are easily polarized and led into the rest of the tacky chicken coop of terrorism.
  • Ignorance: This used to be a simple matter of withholding information. Now it’s self-inflicted. It’s not easy to be an ignoramus in a world where all the information you need is a few seconds away. You do have to be ignorant to accept all the drivel, babble and endlessly self-contradictory garbage in terrorism. No excuses; do you know what you’re talking about, yes or no?
  • Ideologies: Ideologies all have one thing in common; they’re always too small to include everyone. Ideologues are usually dogmatists, not thinkers. They preach but don’t learn, they rage but don’t see. Ideologies can’t see beyond themselves. They self-isolate their believers, creating stresses and conflicts that otherwise couldn’t exist.

It’s not hard to see how terrorism takes root in any society. It’s a button-pushing exercise. Any hack psychologist or zero-IQ politician can do it. Mystique removed? Then this blog has done its work.Paul Wallis books, Wanderlaugh, Mimbly Tales, Ads, Gothic Black, The Threat-Hamster Papers

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