What does modern society have against reliable people?

Tides of sycophants and hordes of flatterers seem to be the norm. The fact that these evolutionary dead ends in human form our fully useless and unreliable doesn’t seem to be a problem. They are now reading happily like fruit flies, their intellectual nearest relatives.

As though it wasn’t bizarre enough that so many rich people are trying to burn down the systems which made them rich, idiots are now in high demand. The theory that privilege breeds morons has been around since Dale Carnegie wrote How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, but that was supposed to be a comedy. For these filth, it’s a way of life.

These unreliable vermin are everywhere, and obviously incapable of doing anything right. Whether it is basic social administration, basic business, or even basic social skills, they can’t do it.

Reliable means something

“Reliability” is hardly a buzzword. No prizes for guessing why. A reliable person tells you what you need to know, does the right thing, and can actually be trusted. Reliable person is invariably competent, usually highly experienced, and knowledgeable. In short, being a reliable person is about as unfashionable and unemployable as you can get.

There is a long-standing theory from the author of Parkinson’s Law that the incompetent hired people even more incompetent than themselves. That will come as no surprise to anybody who has worked in an office environment for more than five seconds, but as a social norm, it’s disastrous.

Reliable people are problem solvers. Unreliable people are problem creators. There is no middle ground. Honest people are unwelcome everywhere. Liars are apparently compulsory. No facts are considered, so being reliable is a bit redundant.

Reliable reporting, for example, is apparently completely unknown to modern media. Any amount of absolute fictional drivel is reported as fact, because journalists, editors and publishers apparently can’t tell the difference between reality and whatever else happens to babble egotistically to them.

A new points:

  • Information needs to be reliable. If you’re driving a road, it would be nice to know where the road is, wouldn’t it?
  • Financial information needs to be reliable. They various works of fiction masquerading as investment advice, for example, could not possibly be called reliable. That’s costing people a lot of money.
  • Water supplies need to be reliable. If a human being doesn’t drink water, they die within three days. Even something as basic as water quality seems beyond the scope of these geniuses.
  • Accurate information about environmental risks needs to be reliable. All pollutants are toxic. They are quite literally poisons. Pollution doesn’t seem to bother just about everybody.

See any sign of intelligence in the current levels of unreliability? Do people really want to die and go broke as a result of tolerating unreliable people?

It’s an interesting perspective. If you speak to a professional criminal, they will tell you that unreliable people aren’t tolerated. They are far too dangerous. All professionals will tell you exactly the same thing regarding their work. In the military, unreliable people are removed, head first or feet first in combat, with good reason.

Unreliable is as unreliable does

“Unreliable” is also a synonym for “untrustworthy”. Trust is a priceless commodity in so many ways. To be able to trust someone or something is actually a bit of a luxury.

Yet we seem to have an entire society based on unreliable, untrustworthy people. The urban myth that a few rich, senile, imbeciles have been happily sponsoring lunatics like the Tea Party, who actually wanted to stop the bank bailouts so that they couldn’t access their own money, is probably true.

This process seems to have advanced to virtually driving civilisation backwards. From poverty to slavery, the ugly ghosts of the past, long buried, are coming back. An almost mediaeval society is emerging. Untrustworthy leaders and unreliable societies are destroying themselves.

No great loss, you say? True, but they are also destroying the planet and everyone and everything on it. Suffering fools gladly, and these people are fools, fools who are convinced that they are clever, has never been a good idea.

Not a single word they say or action they take can be trusted. No information anywhere near them or about them can be considered reliable. Fake news is for fake people, and it’s hard to get any more fake than this herd of cretins. They refuse to listen to economic experts, ignore science, and denigrate any and all sorts of knowledge. Facts have no place in their world.

In effect, they thrive on unreliability and unreliable people. Weaklings, cowards and fools are their people of choice. This psychotic sewerof a world is the result. Now – What do you have against reliable people? You better find out, because that’s what’s going to kill you.

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