The sheer lunacy of Western politics

If you’re one of those nice people who believes a single word of political spin, you might want to look at the logic of politics. Politics, by definition, is the art of dividing a society. Modern Western politics, however, is the art of destroying a society.

Consider this:

  • Major democracies, like the United States and United Kingdom, are currently totally polarised. These societies are effectively dysfunctional.
  • Ridiculous conspiracy theories our paid for and published like pornography. The one thing all conspiracy theories have in common is that nothing will ever be done about them.
  • Not one major social issue or environmental issue or anything else is being addressed.
  • The future isn’t even a topic for discussion.
  • The millennials and the generations after them are effectively broke. They simply lack the capital to live the lifestyles of previous generations.
  • Crime and corruption are rampant at all levels, and being totally ignored.
  • The idea of governance has been replaced by the idea that you don’t need governments. It is a matter of opinion whether or not any of the political “geniuses” have the slightest idea what daily social administration actually is.
  • Mismanagement and maladministration are now normal.

Meanwhile, back in that unheard-of thing called reality, global barbarism has re-emerged. Whether it’s criminal rogue states, megalomaniac ideologies, religious nutcases, or a heart-warming mix of insanities, the world is in a truly lousy situation.

The West used to lead. Now, it can barely follow its own logic. The United States has allowed itself to disintegrate, and the United Kingdom seems to be following suit with the idiotic, sure to fall, Brexit idea.

Let’s clarify:

  • “identity politics” doesn’t mean a damn thing, and never could. Nobody in politics could possibly care less about your identity.
  • “Left” doesn’t even really exist in these countries, and it’s some sort of identity? No, It isn’t. It’s simply a reference point for the right, used for bashing social causes.
  • The “right” is largely a group of people paid to be on that side of the political fence. Most of these guys have never previously said a single word on any subject about which they are now so conspicuously passionate.
  • Major incoming issues like lethal pollution, crashing infrastructure, the future of employment, food and water resources, and the unholy mess facing future generations are never addressed at all.

Western politics has failed completely

The sheer incompetence of this process is astonishing. Far more surprising is that this total failure is credible to anybody at all. Statistics like employment figures are used to prove “success”, for example. No quality check is ever done on the types of employment, the wages paid, or anything else. Creating millions of crappy jobs as doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Non-existent trade deals and ridiculous “diplomacy” achieve nothing, yet these are the major claims of success. The political process allows politicians to simply babble endlessly and rob the public purse.  

Privatisation has never been anything more than theft of public assets. Privatisation has not achieved competition, it has simply allowed private owners to rig prices for services.

“Austerity”, a term coined by Margaret Thatcher, has never meant anything but depriving the public of services. The nations-wide disaster areas caused by generations of austerity hardly need to be explained.

Western politics, in fact, has effectively proven itself absolutely useless. This is not democracy, it is not representative government, it is fraud. We need is to completely restructure government to allow representation, but not personal enrichment. The power of politicians to access and abuse public money and human rights must be terminated.

The West is now facing multiple challenges, including geopolitical, environmental, rising superpowers like China and Russia, as well as various global disasters in the form of rising populations, food and water problems, etc. This political mess cannot possibly survive the century, and nor can the countries afflicted with it. Fix it.

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